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Dec. 7, 2021

Why You Should Consider Driving a Big Truck with Kameran Lowe

Why You Should Consider Driving a Big Truck with Kameran Lowe

Driving a big truck is an extremely rewarding career choice. It can be challenging, but the job provides some of the best benefits in the industry, including great pay and excellent benefits. Driving large commercial trucks also offers some of the highest earnings in the industry, with annual salaries averaging more than $62,000 per year while driving a truck full of cargo.

Welcome to another wonderful conversation of The Gears N Rear Podcast with your favorite host, Mel P. Today’s episode is graced by Kameran Lowe, a truck driver for over five years. Having become a qualified truck driver at the age of 20 after high school, he has found his way into the lucrative industry. Today, he’ll be sharing some trucking tips, lessons, and skills you need. Find out more in the conversation.

Tune in!

During this episode, you will learn about;

[00:04] How Mel P came up with Gears N the Rear podcast show

[01:36] What we do in Gears N the Rear

[03:27] You won’t be respected until you respect yourself

[06:50] Meet our guest today

[08:24] How Kameran Lowe got into cars

[09:05] Old school car that Kameran has purchased and his upgrade plans

[12:21] Kameran’s life in trucks and know better about trucks

[14:27] How Kameran became a truck driver and started earning while still as a teenager

[18:02] Current trucking lessons he’s training for

[19:07] His plans in the trucking world and his deep dedication to it

[23:26] Commercial Break

[24:18] How Lowe ended up owning his truck

[29:49] Why it’s better to be a truck driver than a worker in a factory

[30:18] Trucking rules you should know

[31:50] How to connect with Lowe and find out more about trucks

[33:26] Putting ls motor in a fox body; which is the brain and the body


Notable quotes

  • “You have to pay for what you want.”
  • “Learning takes time.” 
  • “It is okay to admit that you are struggling.” 
  • “Always take chances on yourself.”


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