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The New Generation of Car Enthusiasts with Boobie

Join the conversation with Boobie as we talk about sliding, muscle cars, and what makes a vehicle a muscle car.

Muscle cars were the most coveted cars throughout the 2000s, but they were mainly popular in the 1980s. Cars such as the Chevrolet Camaro, Ford Mustang, and Dodge Challenger are in a category called muscle cars. "Muscle car" describes vehicles that emphasize speed, power, and acceleration. This can be contrasted with "drop-top," which describes vehicles that emphasize aesthetics like luxury and speed.

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During this episode, you will learn about;
[00:01] Pre-show talk
[03:55] The older generation of drivers
[07:30] Embracing the new generation of drivers and discarding obsolete ideas
[08:57] Muscle cars in the older generations versus new era vehicles
[10:25] The standards to meet for an ideal car game
[14:33] About the Camaro car, and Boobie’s insights on the same
[15:27] What’s considered a muscle car and what’s not
[17:17] What's the qualification in the horsepower on the slide down
[18:40] Does it have to be a stick or automatic?
[19:55] 1st Commercial Break
[23:14] Is the stick the key to a fun sideshow driving?
[25:21] What causes blowing of motors in sideshows
[30:00] What’s the ideal valuation of your car
[36:39] Episode wrap up and how you can connect with Boobie

Notable quotes:

It’s not about getting on the steering wheel and pressing the gas pedal. It’s about understanding what you’re doing.
Everybody has a chance to be at the top of the mountain.
Nine-tenths of the driving game is the driver behind the wheel.
Anybody has something opposite to say
When a hardtop becomes a drop-top, it is no longer considered a muscle car because muscle cars have never been dropped tops.
When you try to put a hand out to help somebody, they only tell the side of the story that went bad. They're not going to tell that side that you tried to help.

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