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Motocross Racing with Gauge Butler

Motocross racing is a form of off-road motorcycle racing. It is often referred to as motocross. Motocross racing is an extreme sport where riders compete in races on off-road terrain. It has a long history, and the first organized race was held in 1878 in France. The sport has evolved over the years, and now it features different classes of racers that are classified by skill level, age, and gender. Motocross races are held on a variety of surfaces, but the most common are sand, mud, and dirt. The bikes used in motor cross racing can vary depending on the surface of the course.

Join the conversation with Gauge Butler, a 10-year-old motocross racer. He is currently sponsored by OGIO, Twin Air Filter, ARMA Sport, and Risk Racing. In his own words, Gauge “wants to be a pro motocross racer.” Listen more to this upcoming champ.

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During this episode, you will learn about;

[00:01] Pre-show talk

[01:38] Meet our today’s 10-year old guest, Gauge Butler 

[02:57] What got him inspired into biking

[04:38] His adventure from an electric bike to a gas bike as a 4-year-old kid 

[06:17] His practice routine

[07:47] Balancing schooling and his riding hobby

[09:14] Transitioning from KTM Mini to Husqvarna 50 CC at the age of 8

[10:58] What's Pac West Motocross Racing Series

[13:04] How to snatch the best racing line

[14:09] 1st Commercial Break

[16:00] His experience in the championship run

[18:39] How young kids can get started in racing

[20:06] How Gauge broke his arm while racing

[21:24] His dream bike as he gets older

[22:30] How you can connect with Gauge and follow his journey

[23:13] Goals he’s aiming to reach

[24:31] Episode wrap up and calls to action

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