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June 21, 2022

Inside the 2022 Lowrider Northwest Super Show

Inside the 2022 Lowrider Northwest Super Show

In this episode, I talk with various car enthusiasts at the 2022 classic car show at the Oregon Convention Center. In such events, Lowrider cars and trucks can be seen. Get insights from years of experience in building cars to modeling them. You can get more car talks from our previous episodes on all of your favorite podcast platforms. Check us out on our website at https://www.gearsntherear.com/ and follow us on Instagram @gearsintherearshow

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During this episode, you will learn about;

[00:18] The 1969 Pontiac Grand Prix

[00:50] His 69 Pontiac Grand Prix and how his experience has grown over time

[01:56] Upgrading the brake system

[03:18] Paint perfection from midnight blue to Blue Pearl

[05:27] 1971 Chevy C10

[06:00] What she's rocking with during this show

[08:19] More changes she has done on the 1971 Chevrolet C10

[09:40] Where she sourced her parts and other accessories 

[10:34] Reach out and connect with Jaime 

[11:15] Her future plans with the truck

[12:22] Bones - The 64 Chevy Impala 

[13:03] His ten years of 'Building and not building them.'

[14:50] It began with grandma gifting him with a toolbox

[15:27] Learning to do the motor by himself on his 64 Impala

[16:22] Chase your dreams

[17:49] What needs to be done to pass this info to the younger generation 

[19:19] The future of the Impala Portland Club Chapter

[20:13] How you can reach out and connect with Apolonio

[22:30] USO Portland Car Club

[22:44] 30 years running the USO club

[23:19] His first 87 Cool Cadillac

[23:54] Getting the parts and other building stuff

[28:19] How to connect with the USO Club

[29:22] The Harley Bike King

[30:09] His background in bikes

[32:04] Motor internals of his bike

[34:19] His thought process while riding bikes

[35:30] The 'Fat Boy' model in bikes

[37:02] Bikes he has had since 2003 and the hurdles he had to overcome 

[41:26] G. Sykes- The Volkswagen Guy

[43:10] How long he has been in the car game and his experiences 

[44:03] His love for Volkswagen 

[44:48] The composition of a Lowrider setup

[47:58] His advice to young people wishing to get their feet wet in the car game

[48:52] His take on beats and music on the cars

[50:41] What he's currently rolling with

[52:10] The Modeling Queen- Ms. Velvet

[52:25] How she got into the car game

[53:34] Her modeling career and how it took off

[54:31] Her future in the car game

[55:03] How you can reach out and connect with Ms. Velvet

Notable quotes

  • “People will most likely misuse anything you are given for free.”
  • “Anything you desire is achievable. You only need some hard work and persistence.” 
  • “Good riders who observe safety have conditioned themselves that every car driver is out there to kill them.”
  • “Do everything over the winter so that you can be ready to ride when summer comes.”
  • “Just because someone can do it cheaper does not make it a great deal.”

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G. Sykes: https://www.instagram.com/bigsyk1962/

Kassidy Rae AKA Ms. Velvet: https://www.instagram.com/velvetfoot2/

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