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June 28, 2022

How To Wrap Your Car For Profit with Saul

How To Wrap Your Car For Profit with Saul

Wrapping a car can seem complicated, but it is pretty straight forward. It’s a skill that you can pick up, master, and eventually, use to make good money. If your car paint is damaged try out a wrap, it’s not only cheaper than pain, but it’s also attractive and durable too. Whether you’re dealing with exotic cars, foreign cars, or expensive cars, you can use wrapping to make them look expensive. And the good thing is that you can do everything with a wrap car just like a regular paint car, as long as the wrap is installed properly. 

Welcome to another conversation of The Gears N Rear Podcast with your favorite host, Mel P, and our guest today Saul ‘the wrapper,’ as we talk about everything car wrapping from a business perspective and a service perspective to provide you with all the nitty-gritty stuffs that you need to level up in the car wrap game.

Saul is a wrap guru and the owner of Polaris Films. He put big stickers on cars to make them look like they are painted. So far, Saul has wrapped over 500 cars including Mazel, SUV MUX, Chev Corvette, and recently did Mercury Cougar and F-150  

Tune in!

During this episode, you will learn about;

[00:37] A little bit about Saul and what he does 

[02:56] How Saul got into the car wrapping business 

[05:10] How Saul's love of cars came about 

[07:03] Start-up operation cost and material for car wrap

[08:02] Saul’s first car that he wrapped on his own

[08:37] The process of wrapping a Jetta 

[09:20] Saul’s partner in his business “Ilona his wife”

[10:18] How and when Saul started wrapping expensive cars 

[13:30] The car that Saul recently wrapped, F-150 

[15:10] The different levels of chrome vinyl car wraps 

[16:28] Commercial Break

[19:02] How to take care of a wrapped car when cleaning and polishing it

[20:04] Customer service; Saul’s business wrap warranty to his clients 

[20:53] Saul’s plans for his career and the direction he wants to move

[21:51] How to reach, connect or learn more about Saul 

[23:35] How to take care of your wrap car and get it to last 5-7 years

[24:19] The cost of basic color wraps and some of the cool colors available 

[25:57] Episode wrap up and calls to action


Notable quotes

  • “Wrapping requires a real skill and a crafty hand; everything has to be perfect from the first try.”
  • “Changing your car wrap is completely refreshing and once you do it, it feels like a new car.”
  • “You can do everything you can with a wrap car just like a regular paint car, as long as the installer installed it properly.”
  • “Carwash isn't recommended for your car if you care about it in general.”
  • ‘Customer service is what selling the most” 


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