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Feb. 1, 2022

For the love and Passion of the Sideshow Culture with Female Driver Samantha Vee

For the love and Passion of the Sideshow Culture with Female Driver Samantha Vee

Many people have experienced the thrill of being at a sideshow, where they may have watched the drivers swerve violently and swing back and forth in circles. People often wonder what exactly goes on here and how they are able to experience such a unique event.

Sideshows are an American street performance and cultural tradition. These events take place in parking lots, streets, and city parks. Cars swerve back and forth, swinging side to side. It is characterized by the sound of tires screeching against concrete; the smell of burnt rubber. The performers get paid by spectators to share their unique talents on a street stage or inside a tent show in front of an audience.

Welcome to another wonderful conversation of The Gears N Rear Podcast with your favorite host, Mel P, as Female Driver Samantha Vee joins me. In this episode, we talk about the sideshow culture and the love and passion she has for this.

First Female slider from PDX to tie in our sideshow culture to California from ( Sac to the Bay to LA) I currently own and building a 2000 SS Camaro. Big SS Gang! Big HYPHY enthusiast! Chevy girl. Humbled & have a true passion for sliding and love for cars.

Tune in!

During this episode, you will learn about;

[00:37] How Samantha developed a passion for driving

[01:18] Tone’s and Bobby’s first cars and what got them into automobiles

[07:04] How you can connect with Samantha on Instagram

[08:26] Who and what gave her the love of cars 

[09:25] From a Mustang GT 2000 enthusiast to a Chevy girl

[11:09] Samantha’s first Chevy automobile; the 2000 Camaro SS

[14:16] She was not allowed to touch an automatic car

[16:22] The Portland trip that became Samantha’s game-changer

[18:02] Passing her car skills and prowess to the next generation

[19:54] Commercial Break

[20:52] Vee’s love for sideshows and the ‘aha’ feeling 

[24:50] The car crash that changed her life

[29:37] Vee’s coming up events you can look up for the future

[34:21] Episode wrap up and calls to action


Notable quotes

  • “Patience is the key to everything.”
  • “Sometimes painful times bring people closer.” 


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