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Dec. 29, 2021

Car Transmissions and Motor Vehicles Overview with Trucker Doug

Car Transmissions and Motor Vehicles Overview with Trucker Doug

Today we are excited to have Doug in today’s show of The Gears N Rear Podcast. Doug is a car transmission guru and enthusiast with many years of experience.

The automobile has undergone many changes throughout the years, which has resulted in a variety of different car transmissions. This episode covers how the car transmission works and how it has changed over time. Transmissions will never be out of style because they are very important in driving modern cars. Whether you need a new transmission or want to know more about a vehicle transmission, this episode will give you all the information you need. Find out more in the conversation.

Tune in!

During this episode, you will learn about;

[00:58] What’s in for you in today’s episode

[02:44] Why Doug loves using the automatic stick shift

[04:00] Who inspired Doug into cars

[04:55] Favorite car among all the vehicles I’ve owned

[06:21] Doug’s automobile 66 Chevelle frame

[06:57] Engine transmissions demystified

[08:58] Is Turbo 400 (TH400) transmission good?

[10:46] Transmission maintenance best practices

[11:50] Recommended automobile transmission fluids

[14:28] Commercial Break

[15:58] How much does it cost to change a 350-transmission turbo to TH400

[17:37] Understanding car convertor ratings

[19:18] Transmission that Doug is working on

[22:31] How to connect with Doug and find out more transmissions

[23:45] Key takeaway lessons from Doug

Notable quotes

  • “Automatic stick shifts are precise. You will always be on time.”
  • “Spend money nicely to get what you want.” 
  • “You must get through it in order to get to it.” 
  • “You cannot succeed when in chaos; be at peace all the time.”


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